Intro Exhibition

Take a look at the image below:

In your right field of view you see a Modern Man, in your left an Ape-Man. Take a few moments to digest this interesting image and reflect on the fact that your left-brain is probably doing most of the visual processing.

Before you continue with the next part of the experiment, ask yourself how you FEEL about this image. Do you have any particular emotional reaction? Or is it simply "interesting"?

Clicking the FLIP button above will present this image mirror-reversed. Suddenly, your visually dominant, left-hemisphere will be presented with the Ape-Man.

Many left-handers find this new orientation quite disturbing, they have a much stronger emotional reaction to this flipped face. How about you?

This picture reverts to “normal” after 8 seconds. Click the FLIP button above to repeat.


© Copyright by Paul Smith 2001
Image form N.F. Dixon (1987)